Digital Marketing Trends That Will Define 2017

It is almost half of the year 2017 and Digital Marketers from across the globe are collaborating and devising to recognize, adapt and assess the latest digital marketing trends and strategies which they can apply for the remaining months in 2017 for success. The digital marketing sphere is quite competitive and volatile in nature, but if done right it can render huge returns, thereby making it the top choice amongst companies and brands this year and the years to come.

The days of 2017 ushered in era of digitalization defined by accelerated prominence of video, social media changes, and digital marketers across the world are giving up on beacons is becoming a retail reality. Since the year has already started it is the time to wipe off the whiteboard clean and come forth with some strategies and latest Digital Marketing Trends to propel the companies and brands forward in the remaining months.

Concept of Live Streaming

In the coming year, it’s presumed that the idea of live streaming and video marketing trends will replace the traditional content marketing strategy. It is one of the best Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 with multiple benefits. It has already started making its impact on long-term prospects of video marketing. Brands and companies have already adopted the concept the live streaming strategies to attract customers. This trend opens up the possibility of engaging and alluring customers on more convincing way. With the advent of Smartphone and enhanced internet connectivity, a live streaming technique has penetrated into a broad audience.

Social Media Prospects

Till date, huge amount of online searches are revolved around the major search engines like Google. But, things are gradually changing in the coming years. Companies and brands are no longer relying or depending on such search engines alone to create business. In this era of digital marketing, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are coming forth with a search engine feature within Social Community. There is Facebook Messenger application that is playing a major role in this. Customers are no longer required to log on to e-commerce websites to purchase commodities; instead, they can do the transactions directly through this app. So, customers are now given with alternatives other than Google.

Concept of Snapchat

This is another and widely popular Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 that is gaining acceptance especially amongst the youth. Therefore, its prospects can’t be overlooked. There are over 100 million users active in Snapchat and the figure is expected to grow in the coming years too. Organizing marketing campaigns through this app with video clips and photos can do wonders for you in 2017.

Instagram Advertisements

Instagram flourishes on the factor that visual contents have the greater penetration potential into the audience compared to any other advertising strategies. Year 2017 will register businesses and big brands making use of such digital marketing trends for maximize reach. Marketers are required to utilize the fully functional Instagram ads in the coming years.