It is About Obtaining Results


Nowadays, companies are increasingly aware of the rapid grow in importance of the online marketing in comparison to traditional advertising. Traditional ads are losing impact and 2016 was considered “the year of measurement”. A large number of companies consider themselves “sophisticated” when it comes to measuring the marketing channels campaign and crossing information channels. Now the future is headed towards the online world and obtaining results. It is why in Argentina every time more merchants are interested in adding Affiliate Marketing to their strategy.


One of the main interests of clients is the great virtual events like Hot Sale, CyberMonday and BlackFriday. These events give companies the possibility of promoting their ecommerce, spreading offers and products, pushing forward their sales and also adding new clients. The 58% of online users make a purchase at least once a month. The satisfaction rate continues to increase year after year getting to amounts above 95%. These indicators show the maturity of our industry and how companies are more prepared for these events, aiming to improve the buying experience and make it more satisfactory.


At Soicos, we are experts in Affiliate Marketing. We make sure to go the extra mile and go beyond the expectations and objectives of each campaign, from the making of the strategy to the follow up and optimization of results. We are a professional team passionate about what we do and we believe that is the only way of building a relationship of trust with the client. We want to walk side by side with the client in the process of long term growth. We are the largest affiliate network in Latin America.