The Myth: Affiliate Marketing is Dying

If there is something that moves quickly in online business, is information. By saying information, we do not make reference only to useful information. On the contrary, if there is something that makes of the digital world is false data. Off course, the intention is always to create content and monetize, but in reality there are stories that go far off that become in this dark myths, just like the death of affiliate marketing.

Death is a strong and inexact word to what is happening; affiliate marketing is NOT dying. It is changing, that is truth. And it is not the only one, the internet is changing too. Being such a versatile industry it was just a matter of time for it to have a 360 degrees change.

The titans started to change the game with the simple idea of wanting to make everything more real. Google and their eternal hunt for truthful content has taken him to develop tools to measure the originality and authenticity of all kind of information in its search engine. This created a big wall when promoting any variety of products inside of the blogs; however, it also was the power source for finally achieving the specialization of affiliates in a niche.

Complaining for what happens and waiting for dollars to fall from the trees is not an option. It is time to start to move and adapt to the unavoidable. With the intention of helping you to give the first step, here are the tips that you must know:

The Gold Mine: Your Audience

Create content of what it is accessible to you at the moment. If you work as a graphic designer and a new free program to create cartoons just came out. Create a blog promoting that program and put real traffic where your user feels served.

The key to success is in the audience and the capacity to give them a legitimate and useful experience. Stop trying to tangle your audience with eternal campaigns made of steps and steps to complete. Look for simplicity. Find niches and specific products that are original and beneficial.

You must think that the product you offer must aim to be the solution to the problem for the user.

I trust you, do you trust me?

A simple rule of life applied to the online world: cultivate trust around you.

If your adventisers offer vegan recepees,try not to get off topic from recepees and veganism. Keep your content between the lines, specialize in the choosen nitch and do not let others seems tempting. If your users look for recepees and the first thing that they find are flight deals, automatically his/her amount of trust will be less even if later he/she find the recepees that was looking for.

Keep the focus. This will not only help you to build trust with your audience but it will also avoid headaches at the time of any content revision from Google. Keep it clean above all else.

Transparent like water

60% of adults can not have a conversation for 10 minutes without lying. This statistic could perfectly be made of 40% by digital industry.

Earlier, we talked about the importance of trust. The number one rule of trust is honesty. It is important that you are honest with your audience and with your advertiser.

Keep yourself fresh

It is necessary that everything is transparent. It is just as important that the user gets what he/she is looking for that it is for the advertiser to receive the users he/she wants. People lies all the time, being honest will give you advantage over others because you will be different.

The reason why this post was made is because of the amount of information that we can find on the internet. That said, it is important that the content that you put is new and attractive.

Writing about recipes that we all know is not going to give you 10000 visits. Write how to make that same recipe with a twist probably will.

Look for innovating about what it has already been done. Keep the data up to date, remember that your audience must find your service useful

Do not make Google get mad

Surely the most important tip that we can give you. Try not to do anything outside of the predetermined margins. Yes, we know that they have a lot of margins but it is important to keep yourself in the list of the good guys.

Believe us, we know.