7 Proven Methods to Boost Affiliate Sales as a Blogger


#1. Write case studies, not just write product reviews,

For most affiliate marketing experts writing product reviews on your site is the most important aspect to boost sells for the product they are promoting, but it isn’t the best approach. Here’s what you should do instead:

Write in-depth, engaging and informative case studies around the products that you promote.

Here’s what I mean,

Products reviews actually are meant for search engines, so what you should do is take the best keywords for that product and spread it over the article. In reality, when you do this, you are not helping the reader, making him lose time by reading your review and not generating any sales.

Instead, you should try to write an article that focuses on telling people the benefits you get for using the product; by telling the pros of the product and how it helps you on your daily activities. People will listen to you, believe me!


Usually when experts on the field write about a product review, instead of writing in broad terms about the product, they use a case study about how it helped them boost their productivity on a daily basis.

This type of posts not only gets a ton of traffic from Google but more importantly that case study generates a lot of sales. That’s the importance of writing case studies instead of just pitching product reviews by stuffing keywords.

So if you want more sales, write case studies about your products. Tell your audience how much you’ve benefitted by using the products. Talk about the benefits and then recommend them to use these products.


#2. Promote LESS with MORE focus

This is one of the biggest and most common mistake people usually do, they promote a lot of products without any juicy article. Experts advice when you are starting out to focus on one product that you are using and are satisfied with, highlight all the benefits it brings to you. When you thoroughly get to know the product then you can strategically promote it and boost your sales.

#3. People buy the results, not products

This is entirely true, when people go on the web to look for a product review they are looking to find the benefits it brings to their lives, people don’t buy ever affiliate product that you promote, they buy the results and benefits they provide.

So don’t focus aggressively on promoting it, don’t talk about why they should buy it, instead talk about the benefits and people who find it beneficial for their lives will absolutely buy it.

Talk about the pros and cons of it and maybe how you overcame those cons, this will help you gain their trust and actually will help you make the sale.  


#4. Use email to your advantage

Try expanding your email list but make sure they are qualified subscribers, because the more qualified subscribers you have the more sales you can make. That is why the majority of the affiliate marketers make 80% of their income using their email list.


This 3 tips will help you with your email marketing.

  • Email sequences can help engage the audience, you should create one that will blow your audience mind, for example provide them with free value information and do not send them just promotional emails.
  • Most of the time your open rate is really low and mostly it is because of the subject line, try and get creative and ask yourself what would motivate me to open this email.
  • While creating an email sequence, soft sell some of the product you sell, just don’t overdo it.


#5. Provide extra value

Try and get special deals with the company of the product you are selling, for example if a services normally offers a 14-day trial for the public on their web page, try to let them give your audience a 30-day trial. That way you are giving an extra value to them and also you are standing out of the crowd.

When you give rewards or special stuff to your audience, they are more likely to convert into buyers by using your affiliate links to purchase. Also make sure to mention your affiliate disclosure when you are promoting affiliate products.


Try to get their trust, when writing the reviews and cases of your product don’t use too many affiliate links and also provide your email address in case they have question before buying. That way you can help them out.


#6. Get banner ads designed

Make sure the banner’s go along with the design of your blog! Make an appealing looking banner with even better navigation. For example the sidebar, content and footer banner play a big role with the promotion.

Talk with the owner of the product if you can use different banners, if they let you do it design them yourself, that way you can make them look compelling. Everything is better when they are custom made.

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t place too many banner ads on your sidebar. Showing too many ads can only reduce your sales and website speed.
  • When you write a product review, make sure to display banner ads in various size by including your affiliate links.
  • Try to include your blog’s name or URL in your banner ads. It will be helpful if you are using unique banner ads for the products you promote (no one else can use them if you include your blog’s URL).
  • Find out how other people in your industry are using banner ads. Find out where they are using to grow their sales. That way you will get ideas on where to place your banner ads for more visibility.

#7. Be fair and don’t make false promises

Don’t oversell the product, tell the truth about it and people will buy it. Never make false promises to boost your sales because people will start noticing about it jeopardizing your sales and ultimately your blog.

To be able to generate good sales, remember never promote crappy products just for commissions, take care of your audience, make sure you know their wants and needs, help them and you will be rewarded.

Conclusion about boosting affiliate sales quickly

Affiliate Marketing is a trend right now, it is a market that is growing really fast bringing a lot of people to the game, but the majority are failing in it because they try and look for shortcuts and not caring about their audience.

It takes time and patience to be successful, but remember keep trying and aim to master the art of selling online without sounding like a sellsman. 


By Camilo Dominguez