Building Traffic for your ecommerce

If we have an ecommerce and ask us what we want, our question will be, quickly that our goal is to increase sales, subscriptions, downloads, depending on what we dedicate our business. To achieve this goal, you must follow several steps, but the first, the basic, is to generate more traffic to our website. And that is simple, an increase in traffic in our ecommerce represents a higher conversion rate.

But highlighting in a market such as ecommerce, which is constantly evolving and where we must face daily with a competition that seeks to capture our target audience, can be an arduous task.
Let's see what are the keys to achieve that much-desired increase in traffic and, in addition, quality, of users interested in what we offer them.

Increase the traffic of our ecommerce with SEO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basically consists of the optimization of a website with the aim of improving its position in the search engines. SEO gets our site to get more organic (or natural) traffic coming from keywords that are more relevant to our goals (in our case, the sale, the brand image, etc.)
The strategy is clear: if we appear in the first places of the search engines we will experience an increase of quality traffic, since the users will have arrived at our page showing interest in certain keywords that we have already judged interesting.

SEM optimized campaigns
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or search engine marketing is another key element if our goal is to increase our quality traffic. It is a group of marketing techniques through which we direct traffic to our website, through search engine advertising.
It is a very useful tool because it allows to segment the target audience; Ads appear in clearly visible and prominent places when performing a search using related keywords; And with the possibility of paying for clicks, the campaigns can be tailor-made.
Unlike SEO, whose results are visible more in the medium / long term, a well-configured and well-planned SEM campaign can deliver immediate results.

Presence in social networks
At this point, no one can escape the importance and influence of social networks. And for an ecommerce are an indispensable tool. Nor is it necessary to have presence in all of them. Ideally, you should know your customers and recognize which ones are best for communicating with them. What is certain is that they are the ideal medium, not only as a simple channel of communication: they are a means of loyalty, they are a sales opportunity, it gives us the option to know the opinion of our customers, allows us to create image of Brand, we can advertise and in addition is a perfect tool to get a raise of quality traffic to our site.
And is that Google, the search engine used mostly in our country gives special importance to interactions in social networks in their search results. That is why it is important that in our social networks, we share content of value, that we do it in a specific and suitable schedule or that we use attractive and attractive images. In short, strategies that will increase our quality followers, increasing in turn the visibility of our ecommerce.
Also, on the other hand we should not forget the possibilities offered by the advertising platforms of some of these social networks, such as Facebook Ads. The Facebook advertising platform allows us to capture or increase loyalty with a target accuracy of 90% of our target audience.

The importance of content marketing
Content marketing is about offering the user content of value. Useful, curious or even fun content that is directly related to the activity of our ecommerce. Although its effects are not immediate, it is an effective and cost-effective way to attract the interest of the audience.
What's more, with well-crafted and managed content marketing, we will not only get users to come to our site, but they will share our content with their contacts, increasing their reach.
The best way to effectively manage content marketing is through one (or several) blogs and a well-researched strategy for social networking and dissemination.

Risk free affiliate marketing
The affiliate marketing functions as an external seller to your store, they promote the products that you choose in exchange for a percentage of the sales that generate (Revenue Share) or a basic fee that is negotiated with the agency that will carry your program (CPA).
We say it is risk free because you only pay for what they sell and the branding on your blog or site is totally free. The best practices dictate that this type of program works best with time, if you make a test for one month it won’t show results. Let it run while it builds some traction.

Other traffic channels
There are many ways to increase traffic to our ecommerce. But not analyzing them in detail does not mean that they are less important. The four aspects we have discussed above could be considered of general interest. But there are many other channels that can also bring traffic to our ecommerce depending on the sector to which we dedicate:
Discount coupons

But to assess which channels would be the most appropriate for each type of online store would be necessary to study each case: analyze the sector, competition, etc.