Get prepared! Black Friday is coming!

During the following days we’ll begin to see the first Black Friday’s discounts and affiliate marketing is an excellent tool to capitalize this event.

Year after year, the volume of consumers that waits for Black Friday in order to make their purchases increases in an exponentially way. This reason has consecrated this date of discounts in a landmark of the e-commerce industry. In this article we will explain why affiliate marketing is a fundamental ally of these discount dates.

Content affiliates seek to bring the best promotions to their followers. Black Friday represents a great opportunity to multiply and improve the discounts offered. Most likely, in the first minutes of Black Friday, affiliates will be browsing the retailer or travel sites, selecting top offers for their communities. In this way the promotions offered by the customers will be replicated in a massive way without any cost, acquiring an incalculable amount of free media as well as tons of sales and conversions.

According to a study carried out by Aimc, 94.6% of the population that owns a Smartphone connects to the Internet from their cell phone, therefore, conquering the mobile territory in times of Black Friday is paramount and to achieve this, affiliates are a great help. We know that users resort to their phone’s browser in their leisure time, and then through the implementation of affiliate programs, brands will be able to access and surprise their users with great discounts at a time of distension. These affiliates can be content blogs or comparison sites that have responsive websites or affiliates that are dedicated to emailing; in short, they are affiliates that will increase customer’s possibilities of reaching their mobile consumers.

Affiliation networks give brands the possibility to advertise and offer their products and services in an efficient and risk-free manner. Therefore, in order to capitalize Black Friday to the maximum, affiliate programs are a great ally as they will expand the disclosure of brands and at the same time, will contribute to the satisfaction of consumer’s demand.


Attention affiliates!

Within less than a week for Black Friday it is important to check that everything inside your site is working well. Our recommendations:

-Reinforce your website. The goal of Black Friday is to attract a large volume of users. Therefore, it is important to control that the server can contain all the demand that you’re willing to generate.

-Make sure your site is responsive. As we mentioned earlier, the number of users who access the Internet from the cell phone is immense. That’s why it is important that your site is configured for mobile use and PC use.

-Check that the pixel is firing correctly and that you are receiving the information you need.

-Use the upselling technique to increase your sales. This implies offering the consumer a similar product to the one he has just acquired; a product to complement that purchase.

-Make sure to guarantee the consumer a complete and high quality experience so that after the Black Friday, he or she chooses to return to your site.

-Consult with your affiliate manager what other campaigns you can work with in order to present your followers a complete and diverse selection of products and services and, of course, to boost sales.

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