Dafiti and Soicos agreed exclusivity for the Hispanic American market

The performance oriented affiliate network and the Brazilian e-commerce have come together in order to launch once again one of the first affiliate programs in the region. The offer is now live for Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

Dafiti is one of the largest e-commerce in Latin America. With a product portfolio that exceeds 125,000 items the brand has become able to establish as one of the digital retailers with the fastest expansion level.

Soicos has had the privilege of exclusively launching Dafiti’s affiliate program for Colombia, Argentina and Chile. Currently, this retailer reaches an impressive visit volume that goes from 2.3 million to 3 million monthly users per country. This has allowed Dafiti to position their brand among the 150 websites with the largest amount of traffic within these three countries.

Dafiti’s strategy to accelerate their growth and to penetrate consumers' culture of each country is based on three pillars: the wide variety of products (from major international brands to production lines of local entrepreneurs), the excellent service level (attention to the customer, return service, etc.) and the degree of convenience. These three guidelines show that the advertiser is customer oriented; the client’s needs and interests are their major priorities.

Within Soicos’ platform, publishers can find the tools to start working with Dafiti’s affiliate program with the tranquility of knowing that this is a mature and high quality advertiser.

Soicos invites all publishers to join the network in order to be part of Dafiti’s online community. For more details you can write to info@soicos.com.