The Progress of the Online World

The advertising market of nowadays is in constant change due to the technological advances and the necessity of the users to be constantly online. Within the last years, marketing has played a bigger role in people´s life. Indeed, in a globalized world, its essential to adapt to the necessities of an ever more demanding public.

A world that is constantly growing appears: the online world. Marketing and digital advertising are taking the lead and I believe, they will continue to do so. Everyday more and more people use tools like social media, mobile and display. This market will surely keep growing since there are more companies every day which now invest to participate in the digital world and mobile. Online advertising, not only give us the possibility to segment the market of the desired aim, but also be in the daily life of the user. Thanks to my experience working with Soicos for almost 3 years, I can understand how big brands focus on obtaining ever more efficient databases and on participating in the routine of their potential consumers. In a world that offers so many possibilities (like online banners, display, banners in mobile apps, sponsored music and pops on related sites) it is important to understand which combinations can best serve each particular brand.)

With the way things are where everything is immediate and celebrities have great influence, its possible to think that Internet came (a few years ago) to stay for a few more years at least. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook tend the main networks of this world. The offer and the possibilities are endless. Internet is the perfect fusion between two completely opposite worlds: one where the user can choose absolutely everything (what to publish and whom to follow, for example) and another where, inadvertently and without being able to choose it, is constantly exposed to advertisements and messages of the brands. All this world, will continue to allow companies to obtain tangible results in the short term.

Brands that previously prioritized the brand will begin to choose performance campaigns and services like "SEO" and "SEM". All this infinite number of possibilities will force the brands and the advertisers to constantly get updated and adapt to the changes and anticipating the future. The market will continue to revolve around the need of consumers.

To wrap up, ten years from now companies will be able to have more in-depth information about their consumers, their preferences and their lifestyle. Buying processes and landing page forms will allow for a much clearer picture. This will go hand in hand with a gain on the part of the brand in terms of effectiveness, which will lead to better experiences for users.