Native Advertising: staying in tune, the new key

In times in which users feel bombarded by digital ads, using non-aggressive advertising methods can be a plus. In this article, we will explain what native ads are, and why their results are increasingly beneficial.

We call "native advertisements" the practice of including promoted content inside a webpage or platform. These content pieces are characterized by maintaining the same structure and esthetic of the site in which they are being promoted. The appearance of this type of advertisement denotes a change in the sales world, a change that prioritizes the user experience over commercial results.

Users currently have multiple tools in order to avoid unwanted advertising and as a consequence of this, marketing strategies have been forced to mutate. Bombarding the user with advertisement used to be considered a success; nowadays it is perceived as an obstacle within the user’s experience. The decline in the results of traditional advertising strategies forced the creatives to devise new channels of communication in order to transmit the advertising message. And it is in this context that native advertisements acquire greater relevance in the commercial field.

Among the most common native advertisements, we can find paid articles, promoted tweets, videos with a longer duration than a spot, among others. All these contents are organically integrated into the style and esthetics of a platform or site. As a result of the coherence between editorial and advertising contents, consumers tend to read the native ads in the same way they consume editorials. In fact, a user is more likely to share sponsored content than to share a piece of traditional advertising. Therefore, by increasing the user's interest in sharing the advertising content, the possibility of gaining free media increases.  

In order to generate native content, the brand must adapt to the esthetics and language used by the original site. As a result, the user will feel more identified with the commercial piece is more likely to commit to the brand. Native ads facilitate the first contact between a user and a brand and at the same time lay the foundation for a possible long-term relationship.

Native ads are the perfect tool to achieve user loyalty. These sponsored pieces should be useful for the consumer; they need to contain valuable information that meets their needs. Providing them with useful data in a non-invasive way empowers the user's online experience. Through the use of native advertisements, the client can reach their audience in a concrete and positive way without hindering their experience and at the same time, adding value to it. Native ads give a natural visualization to the advertising contents, thus strengthening the confidence of the users towards the brand. The key is in the tuning, in which the user is not attacked by advertising and genuinely decides to consume advertising content.

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