Buen fin: The cheapest weekend of the year

The Buen Fin, known as “The cheapest weekend of the year” is a strategy created to encourage Mexican trade, promoting consumption, through promotions, deferred payments and special prices.

In 2019, this activity will take place between November 15 and 18 and many people join this trend, thanks to a world guided by technology, digital connections, social networks and eCommerce.

According to José Manuel López Campos, president of Concanaco “it is an opportunity for families to purchase household items.” For the participating companies, there is a belief that “The Buen Fin is a virtuous circle in which everyone is benefited, because if there is consumption, there is production, and if there is production, there is work, and if there is work, there is salary, and if there is salary, there is consumption. The Buen Fin, accordingly and under this perspective, is a program that helps everyone”

Both millennials and other generations have become very familiar with Internet purchases and this has made many brands to use this channel to improve their results and serve this expanding audience.

With this panorama, in recent years, brands have been transformed to give more options and better consumer experiences to the public. With this information in mind, the days of the Buen Fin are very important for most advertisers; Each year they are given a greater place to be able to increase the results and many stores look for their openings prior to these dates to take advantage of the great demand promoted.

The results show this: from its first edition in 2011 to the last one in 2018 there was a 115% increase in sales.

Commercial events such as the Buen Fin are expected by Mexicans to make their purchases; especially online. Therefore, the offers are extremely relevant; brands take the opportunity to advertise and generate experiences that build on their behalf.

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