How do Online Traffic Sources Work?

We all have wondered what and how do online traffic sources work; which ones are out there and which are our possibilities to use them depending on their pros and cons. In this short article, I am going to tell you a bit more about that:

Top Traffic Sources in Search Engines

Google Adwords:

The king of payed per click (PPC) traffic. Google is very strict about what kind advertising it allows to post on their platform, it is important to read their advertising policies to avoid from cancelling your account,because Google is considered the strongest source of traffic and the time is the most complicated to all new publishers.

One of the biggest disadvantages of google ads is that it can cancel your account without previous notice and they won´t give you a report or motive why your account has been canceled.

Bing Adwords:

It is an alternative traffic source to google ads for Pay Per Click (PPC),they are more accessible and less strict with their advertising policies. You get a very good amount of traffic but not as big as google ads.


An acceptable platform for Pay Per Click (PPC), you do not get much traffic like Bing ads and much less compared to google ads, but it is a very simple platform to operate and with the lowest costs per click. In order to open account in 7search it is necessary to deposit a minimum balance of $ 50 usd in order to start running your PPC campaigns.

It is important to mention that the same $50 usd you deposit as down payment, are used to start running your advertising campaigns.

Top Social Trafficking Sources


A great option to get profitable qualified traffic is Facebook. It is very strict about the campaigns it allows to publish. It is advisable to read its policies for advertisers one of the things it does not allow is to have more than 20% of text in the ad images.

Facebook works very well with CPA offers on games but does not allow offers that have to do with dating. When you do not comply with the advertising policies on facebook, they simply cancel your account and do not allow you to use the paid advertising service any more.


Twiter Ads:
It is not a very popular traffic source therefore the amount of traffic is very limited.


POF ads:
Currently it is a source of traffic very saturated so it no longer allows new users. CPA offers for match making are very popular and you get great conversions on this platform.


Cubics Adknowledge:
It allows you to advertise through a selection of more than 1,200 facebook applications.

Main sources of contextual traffic



High traffic qualified for Pay Per View (PPV). To start you need an initial deposit of $ 1,000 usd to start running your campaigns.



Fuente de trafico de medios cualificado, tiene varias opciones para escalar tus campañas. Para iniciar requiere de un deposito inicial de $1,000 usd para comenzar a correr tus campañas.


It is a good source of traffic Pay Per View (PPV) is ideal for offers "submits" and "gaming". To start you need a minimum deposit of $ 200 usd to start running your campaigns, then you can recharge a minimum balance of $ 100 usd.



It is a very low source of media traffic. To start requires a minimum initial deposit of $ 100 usd to start running your PPV campaigns.


It is an acceptable traffic source, it does not have a lot of traffic but if you have a successful PPV campaign this is a good option to scale the reach of your successful campaigns.