A Day at the Office

The day of work starts at 9 in the morning in Ituzaingo at 600 like everyday, even though some of us arrive a bit later and also bit tired of the night before. Tired of studying or answering emails until late hours at night: however, the excitement to be here and do what we do is truly a lot stronger.

Diana, our head of affiliation, always says hello with the typical: “how are you petercito”? Then I go around the office saying hi to my co-workers. Even though, Jose and Malu, affiliate managers like myself, might not have arrived yet. Our team is made of young students, passionate about digital marketing. After making coffee, I sit on my chair and the first thing I do is review how the campaigns are running and how the projects we started are going. Then, I verify each of my accounts, how many conversions they had, how many clicks impressions, CTR, CR and others. We do this to see how we can improve and better the profit of our affiliates; it is our main concern to make sure that we run a win win business.

After that I look at the emails and at the same time I try to answer some of the Skype windows that poop up with questions of the affiliates. In Europe its already 14hrs and we need to run with their time so everything is ready before our affiliates go home. Skype is something like our greatest ally, we use it mainly to give last minute corrections, give advice on a campaigns that end in 24 hours or activate a campaign a Friday afternoon. In this environment, minutes pass by quickly and we make sure we make the most out of our time. Besides being a work tool, Skype allows us to have a closer relationship with each one of our affiliates; questions about where are they from, how is life like in their country, what do they like to do and when will they come to Argentina to meet the team are rarely left out of the conversation.

In Soicos we aim to overcome the uptight and formal relationship with our affiliates; we like to make them feel happy with us and I think it is a key factor for the success of both parties. They are a fundamental part of our business and we are glad of being able to always help them in what they need.

Finishing the day, we usually go over with the team the things that are due for the next day and what things we could do better to build greater results. 6 O’clock gets closer and some prepare coffee recharging energies to go to the university after work. The day comes to an end, and I have to admit I am happy to have shared it with friends and affiliates that at the end of the day have also become friends.