Are you Choosing the Right Influencer for your Business?

Nowadays many brands are betting on the marketing of influencers. Indeed, there are many companies that need this practice to generate more commitment to the target audience. The main goals when making a campaign with influencers are:

  1. To gain notoriety.
  2. Increase traffic to web pages and social networks.
  3. Increase sales.
  4. Create brand image.

When we select the influencers, we must take into consideration two factors: quality and quantity. Many campaign directors or specialists make the mistake of focusing only in one of these and it is then when the desired results are not reahed because of lack of a good strategy.

If we choose the influencer with great numbers of followers but whose niche may be different than ours, we will reach a crowd. HOwever, it would have a negative impact, since they would not really be interested in the product that is being offered. For this reason, it is important to select an influencer who adapts well to our product.

When we look for a profile for influencer, it must be choosen strategially based on the brand and most of all it must be coherent to gain credibility through actions.

Thus, the searching process for the perfect influencer is the base for the campaign´s success. These are some of the best strategies to get the deal:

  1. Define the objectives
  2. Look for the affinity with our brand and product.
  3. Lo que se ofrezca tiene que ser innovador. Whatever you offer, it must be innovative.
  4. Get active participación
  5. Establish personal and long-lasting relationships.
  6. Research if the selected profile has or had participation with the competence.

The forms of communication change every day, for that reason we must adapt to the needs of our public. Influencers are part of the voice´s brand. They make possible an efficient communication to allow a product or service to be known. However, they are another tool, and as communicators and owners of the brand we must not neglect any aspects of the integral communication which aims to attract new customers and close more sales to achieve the desired growth. 


By: Valentina Primon