Co-registration: the method for gaining data

Co-registration marketing allows collecting information from users that appear to be interested on the product or service that you offer. The strategy assures that the gained data is extremely valuable for the business.

When we talk about a co-registration we refer to a record generated by a first subscription that a user makes to an offer or service. For example, Manuel Vázquez wants to take a computer course so he fills up a form with his data in the microsite aiming to receive more information about it. After this first register step, a checkbox appears in his screen offering the possibility of subscribing to a promotion for a digital marketing course. As long as Manuel Vázquez decides to subscribe to that second promotion, that will be the moment in which the co-registration is originated. The advantage of this second register is that Manuel won’t have the need to complete a new form. After he gives his consent on receiving information of the brand, all the data that he entered in the first register will be duplicated and send to the advertiser.

Given the dynamics of the registry, the conversion metrics are raised considerably by the ease that the user has for completing the two subscriptions. The complementary information that you, as a brand, want to offer the user, will get to him automatically by an e-mail.

Let´s take a look at the advantages that we´ll get by betting at the co-registration as a strategy:

1. The gained leads are high quality because the user has already confirmed his explicit interest in your service or product.

2. The campaign may have a high segmentation showing the co-registration only to the determined target: age, gender, population, if he has or not a credit card, and so.

3. A great volume of users will be gained in a secure and rapid way.

4. You won´t tire out users by completing forms with their data over and over again.

5. Inside the Lead Generation strategy´s, the co-registration method is the most economical.

6. We can build up data bases with user´s information such as: name, surname, e-mail, phone number, DOI/SOI, credit card, etc. We can consider special fields for any action.

Co-registration is one of the most popular modalities for establishing a segmented, personalized database bounded to the volume and period you want or need. Time and experience show that co-registration helps to increase the database and so, ends up attracting new clients in a rapid and simple way, at a reasonable price.

We create an attractive campaign in order to captivate your potential client´s interest and to guide them along the registration process to receive more information about your offers.

Another way of generating qualified databases is through co-sponsoring. As a sponsor or co-sponsor of a raffle, you gain access to the data obtained through the raffle subscription form.

With our co-registration and co-sponsoring system you can capture thousands of emails and users personal data in a rapid way, depending on the segmentation and volume you need.

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