Who can cooperate as an affiliate with Soicos?  


In this article we will explain the different types of affiliates that can work inside a performance network such as Soicos.

Every user who’s looking for different ways to monetize their sites or data can benefit from affiliate marketing. These are some of the different types of publishers:

Content blogs: they are sites with a usually pronounced theme which generates a segmented audience of great quality.

Comparison sites: as indicated by their name, these are sites dedicated to compare offers of the same product or service in order to assure their users the warranty of the best options in the market.

Discount codes: they’re sites that offer discount codes for their users.

Cuopon sites: they collect and publish offers for their audiences which tend to be very sensitive to prices. Therefore, if a service or product is advertised in a coupon site, it is seen as a great advantage for the brand.

Cashback: these sites share the commission with their users; if a user makes a purchase through an affiliate link within a Cash Back site, they will share the commission that the affiliate network will grant him with the user.

Emailing: these affiliates own databases and use ad networks to monetize them. In certain cases, they have the possibility of segmenting their bases to ensure a higher quality performance.

Paid search: these publishers perform SEM campaigns. They buy keywords in the search engines and advertise the products or services with them.

Display: these are companies that have access to advertising impressions. They work with banners.

These are some types of affiliates that can register in networks like Soicos. Nevertheless, with technological progress, new ways of affiliate cooperation are being created, always aiming an easier digital monetization.