Transparency, a Key Factor

Transparency is escalating more and more in the ranking of needs from advertisers. They have expressed it; they are tired of paying higher and higher costs and not getting the desired results. Every day there are more companies that do not really know where their inversion is going. In fact, transparency is not taken as seriously as it should on the part of the agencies. This makes the results or expectations of clients to fail to achieve the desired final results.  Face to these circumstances, metrics and platforms that these provide end up being a determining factor.

These are some key points to keep in mind to get a clear relationship with advertisers:

  • Don´t promise unreachable results. This may be the biggest mistake made by agencies. We must be clear when proposing an inversion and the way to act in it
  • Clear reports. Statistics should give the client a broad picture of what happened to his campaign.
  • Propose alternatives when things are not working. Agencies must always have a second plan that allows them to get back on their feet when results are not as expected.
  • Create a relationship with the clients. A connection with the announcers generates confidence and easiness when talking and making sure both parties get the answers they need.
  • Long term projection. Always think beyond a particular campaign, think about a permanent client.


Lack of honesty in the business causes ertisers to put distance from digital marketing. Unfortunately, because of this they lose the opportunity to explore a business with broad horizons and full of possibilities.

It is why at Soicos, we believe transparency is the key factor for success and we make a big deal of having a close relationship with each one of our advertisers. We believe this is the best way to work and get the desired results.

By: Feli Casado