Who Are We

When they asked me to write a few things about who are we for the blog, it was quite challenging to give form to the idea I wanted to develop without sounding boring. As the head of human resources, they asked me to write the famous ¨Who We Are¨ of our company, so here it goes my best try.

It seemed so complicated to describe our company without falling for the classic structure of  vision, mission, values,  company´s history, what we do or what affiliate marketing is. From my work place, I look around and I think about SOICOS and what comes to mind is the people who make the company what it is, those who make things run smoothly.  As cliché as it may sound, we are who we are thanks to those who have acompanied us from the beginning and grew along with the company,  those who shared a bit of their path with us and left and also those who are here today and hopefully stay for a long time.

Thus, if what I must do is to describe who we are, I would say that we are a group of students and young professionals incredibly passionate about their work, creative and dedicated. We like to be where we are and we like to do what we do. We all get along great, in fact, we truly have great synergy and we definitely are the best us when we work together.

It is the talks we have over breakfast, the moments we eat lunch all together at the big table and the BBQ´s that we sometimes do outside of work hours that make us bond, grow and ultimately be a unique team. If you work with SOICOS you will work with people who love and enjoy doing what they do. What could be better than when running your campaign, you are helped in the phone or by email with a person that is delighted in doing so!

I invite you to meet us through the blog, the web page (where you will find the more formal version of who we are) or why not try to work with us! Let´s be strategic partners who work together and let´s grow together. I invite you to make part of the best team of affiliation in Argentina (all modesty aside)! A place where we are happy to do what we do and we are happy to do it well.


 By Noelia Paz Bisciglia