Start-up guide: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product or service from a third party in exchange of a commission.

This aspect of marketing, strictly linked to the performance activity, offers brands the opportunity to enhance their reach and increase their sales possibilities.

Affiliate marketing consists of four basic elements: the customer, the affiliate network, affiliates and consumers.

The customer or merchant is who creates the affiliate program in order to promote their product or service. Through this marketing variant, customers get the opportunity to advertise their products through the actions of third parties.

The affiliate network is the intermediary between the clients and the affiliates; it is the mediator between both parties. Affiliate networks are responsible for providing campaigns to the publishers and vice versa. They are responsible for the technical support required by the affiliate.

Affiliates or publishers: their goal is to run the campaigns and meet the objectives set by the customer (whether it’s a sale, an impression, a click, etc.). Their job is to connect the merchant's offer with a potential consumer or user.

Consumers are Internet users who perform an action on the offer provided by the affiliate. Usually, users are not aware that they are performing an online action that’s contributing with the income of a publisher, an affiliate network and a merchant.

Affiliate marketing is a sort of performance-based method in which advertisers reward affiliates when they reach specific objectives.

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