A Day of Work with your Pet!

Friday 17 of April was not a normal day at the offices of Soicos. It was a different day, with your pets running around everywhere. It was something like a different atmosphere, more relaxed and joyful because everyone, actually most of us, where with their favorite animal friends.

Soicos didn’t stay behind and also started to bring their pets to work. This new idea of bringing your pet to work would have been unthought-of off in earlier years. Nowadays it is something that many companies think of as a positive think since it betters the atmosphere, productivity and the overall working experience of the employees.

The days before the “pet day” is done, we are anxious and nervous about how it was going to work, since it was the first time we tried it. When we arrived to the offices, each one of us introduced our animal friends and let them loose to socialize with the other dogs and employees. It was a very easy going and cheerful atmosphere like it is on Fridays; however, this time it was different, there were many laughs everywhere and we all wanted to spend time with each other. The idea was that we control our “friends” if they began to behave crazy, but it was not necessary, we where all looking after everyone’s dog and they seemed to understand that we were in a working environment and behaved great! Obviously, there where barks, lots of running around, nails scratching the office floor and made noise. At the end of the day we took a picture all together that showed that it had been a happy day for the employees and for the pets as well. We truly enjoyed making part of this movement called “pet day.”

This movement that has been getting more and more common in companies all around the world is a great idea. Working with your best friend makes you feel at home. It was a good idea of Mediasur that ended up being a perfect day full of happiness and lots of hear everywhere.